Who we are?

Sacha Q’ente is constituted as a non profit Civil Association.Pio1.jpg

The people in charge of this project are:

– Pio:  Funder and Director o f the Medical Center and President of the Association.

The organizer of Peru:

– Antarane: Calca center manager

– David: Assistent of Cusco/SelvaDavid.jpg

– Karina: Secritary Pio and Coordinator/Organizor of Cusco/Calca/Selva

– Lucienne: International organizor Sacha Q´ente

– Alex: Organizor LimaFoto Karina1.jpg

– Andrea: Editorial department

Other contributores:

– Asociación Arco Iris from New Caledonia: supporting the distribution of the Tradicional Amazonic Medicine since more then 10 years.

– Philipe: Selva

– Rodrigo: Film Teamlucy.jpgandrea.jpg

– and a lot of other people from other countries


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