Amazon Diet (Dieta)

Dietas, so-called, are the periods during which the patient ingests a plant and follows a strict selection of foods. Dieta is an intensive period of isolation, introspection, reflection and rest.

It is considered one of the more effective and powerful techniques of healing, initiation and learning used by healers and maestros of western Amazonia. The aim is to provoke a deep cleansing at all levels in order to remove everything that block sensitivity, the ability to stimulate and enhance the dreamlike work of introspection.


Diets are started with a purge. Usually two ayahuasca ceremonies are made at the beginning of the dieta and two at the end.

The duration of the dieta depends on plants served and the problem to solve. The diet is done in an isolated cabin called tambo. It’s in the woods and the person has no contact with anyone the days of the diet, except Pio or the person who brings the food.

The choice of dieta plant is customized for each person. The order in which the dieta plants are taken in our center is very important and must match the personal process of each patient.

The minimum time for a dieta is 7 days.



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