Pío Vucetich

Pío Vucetich is a seasoned practitioner of Ancestral Medicine and psychotherapy with 30 years of experience. Since 1983 he has worked in Peru as a psychotherapist in private practice. At the same time has worked in social organizations and peri-urban communities. He is currently a member of the Onto Peruvian Society Psychoanalysis, as a founding member.


His expertise is on spiritual illnesses such as substance abuse among other physical and psychological disorders. His practice combines psychotherapeutic techniques part of western tradition with medicinal plants and techniques used by the ancestral healers along the Andean-Amazonian regions of Peru. He travels on a yearly basis to Spain and France giving lectures on ancestral medicine. He extends Ancient Peruvians’ perspective of illness as chaos and loss of equilibrium in the relation with oneself, others, and nature and addresses his understanding of illnesses, healing, diagnostic and treatment modalities. His current project Sacha Q’ente (Cuzco) includes a therapeutic center and the creation of an ecological center, key to preserve the rich diversity of medicinal plants in the area.

Born in Paucartambo,  a city that seats at the threshold between the geographical regions of the Peruvian highlands and Amazonian jungle and at te same time close enough to the urban city of Cuzco, his experience is rooted in shamanic traditions of both regions as well as western education. Raised in a family of European ancestry that respects cultural traditions, he learned to speak and think in Quechua and Castilian; he was taught to tend a spiritual connection with sacred ancestral mountains; participate and protect ancestral Inka spiritual feasts the Lord of Qoyllor’ity; with its ritual dances and pilgrimages.

He attended elementary and high school in Paucartambo and Cusco; he then graduated as a clinical psychologist in Argentina, where Psychology has deep and strong roots(La Plata National University, 1980), and thereafter specialized in Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, (Argentine, 1983).

In 1987, while conducting self-healing work he confirmed his ancestral roots and spiritual identity and embraced the lineage of the Andean Amazonian shamanism. After 10 years of being trained within the ancestral tradition of the Amazonian lineage (Ucayali River), he was named Neten shamanic soi (He who makes dawn).

Currently he is recognized as one of the top Peruvian experts in the fusion area of Western & Ancestral andean-amazonian healing practice.


2 thoughts on “Pío Vucetich

  1. I was referred to you by The staff at Takiwasi, to whom I had been referred by Don Oscar Miro.

    I am a guy man who suffers from HIV, Bipolar D/O, Major Depression, as well as substance and sexual addictions. I am currently 7 months sober in AA and 4 months in SLAA.

    Don Oscar Micro feels that it would be in my best interest to leave the States and spend a significant time in Peru healing, as well learning to use my gifts and talents that I have runaway from my entire life.

    I am looking to make a significant change in my way of life and am reaching out for your help.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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