How to arrive?

To reach Sacha Q’ente first you must arrive in Cuzco. And from there go to Calca.

The meeting point, departure and arrival of all excursions is Calca.

Arriving to Cuzco

By plane from Lima or La Paz (Bolivia).

There are several companies that have regular flights Lima-Cuzco. View daily flights from Lima to Cuzco. The prices are often cheaper with Star Peru From La Paz Aerosur has flights to Cuzco. The tickets start at $ 100.

By bus from Lima or La Paz (Bolivia).

Several trucking companies have regular services to Cuzco. Cruz del Sur has very comfortable buses. Lima is a 20-24h trip and tickets cost from 120 soles (around 40 USD). La Paz is a 13h travel long and tickets cost from 99 soles (around 30 USD).  Once in Cuzco, you must get to Calca.

Getting to Calca from Cuzco

Calca is 50km away from Cuzco. The trip takes 1h. In Puputi street cars and small buses (called “colectivos”) are run regularly to Calca from Cuzco.The fare is 4 or 5 soles.

Address: Calle Grau, 805, Calca. We are located 4 blocks from Plaza National Bank.


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