Sacha Q’ente admission rules.

Sacha Q’ente is a therapy center dedicated to the Andean-Amazonian traditional medicine and psychotherapy treatment that welcomes participants for short or long stays. This is not a residence for visitors, a spiritual community, an ashram, an entertainment center or for vacation and definitely not a tourist stop or a shelter for travelers.

General Conditions:

1. Visitors must be of legal age.

2. All visitors have the obligation to report if they are taking any medications, or are in the process of psychiatric treatment.

3. Payment will be made in advance. Always check the prices at

The stay will include the following services:

* Food adequate for the treatment

* Plant treatment prescribed by the specialist.

* Interviews with the specialist / psychotherapist

* Ayahuasca ceremonies

* Accommodation in dormitory / cabin depending on the type of program

5. For any other service not mentioned above, send us an email and will advise you on costs and information

6. The visitor agrees to respect the specialist, assistants, workers and other visitors in the center and to respect the environment of introspection and to never record the medicinal songs called “Icaros”.

7. Any inappropriate behavior or not following the above mentioned rules will result in the patient being asked to leave the centre.

8. Visitors wishing to leave the center for personal reasons will also be charged.

9. The Center is not responsible for the loss of valuables.

10. The visitor must provide upon arrival a contact person to be notified in case of emergency.

11. It is very important that visitors begin to prepare themselves several days before the start of the diet.

See recommendations.


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