Pio has invested a tremendous amount of energy into Sacha Q’ente, as many of us know. He now needs our help to make his vision a reality and achieve his life’s work.

Sacha Q’ente needs all of our support to flourish.
Donations, from small to large, are desperately needed to continue with the
reforestation and building efforts.

Monthly recurring payments make the biggest difference.
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Sacha Q’ente has been founded by Dr. Pio Vucetich, a internationally renowned psychoanalyst and practitioner of Peruvian ancestral medicine.  It is a place where modern psychology and Peruvian ancestral medicine converge to provide holistic treatments. This method (which Pio has pioneered) sees the two systems as complementary and perfectly working together, always with the patient’s best interest and comfort in mind – something that is being forgotten in the majority of conventional medical treatments nowadays.

Sacha Q’ente is dedicated to

  • help people overcome addictions such as alcoholism and diverse drug addictions.
  • serve as a place where people can participate in spiritual retreats in order to heal on a psychological, emotional and physical level; recover one’s roots and reconnect with one’s essence to fully develop their human potential.
  • research and training in ancestral medicine.
  • reforestation and growth of native medical, forest and fruit plants.

Pio has been helping countless people around the world to heal and evolve. Now he needs our support to complete the 1st phase of Sacha Q’ente: the construction of the first 10 cabins dedicated to receive patients as well as retreat participants.

These cabins constitute the foundation of the larger Sacha Q’ente vision, and are an essential requirement to receive patients who need internment.

Time is of the essence. Work is already in progress, but if we don’t act quickly, adverse conditions such as heavy rain and landslides could reverse progress, which would further increase the cost of the project.

The cost of each finished cabin including furnishing is approx. $20,000 USD.
Therefore, the total amount needed to build the first 10 cabins is approx. $200,000 USD.

What Has Been Achieved Already 

  • A natural reserve of 200ha has been established in Manu National Park, six hours from Cusco.
  • Plans for the cabins and other buildings have been drawn up.
  • A large garage is currently under construction, ready to store all the necessary material and tools.
  • Hundreds of medicinal plants and thousands of trees have been prepared for reforestation.
  • A truck has been refurbished in order to facilitate the transport of material, tools and plants, for cabin construction and reforestation.

Any donation amount helps! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
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By the way, did you wonder what Sacha Q’ente means?It is the Quechua name for that Amazonian Hummingbird 🙂