Ethical code

Given the alarming increase of accidents and other incidents in ayahuasca centers in Peru, from Sacha Q’ente, we want to express our sadness and concern about this situation.

The increased entheogenic tourism in recent years have given rise to the proliferation of many places where ayahuasca is given by persons without the training and integrity required for this job.

Our center is run by women and men of Peru and Europe. The health of patients and visitors who come to us is our top priority (whether foreign or domestic).

It’s part of our mission is to defend the dignity of Ancestral Medicine and especially the safety of our patients and we are committed to fulfilling the following code of ethics:

1. Before arriving at the center we will always advise about food and medicines that cause interaction with ayahuasca and other plants that can be administered in the diet as part of our treatments. We will ask people who visit for information about the drugs you are taking and the diseases that may occur.

2. Ayahuasca will be forbbiden for people with heart problems, which require taking antihypertensive medications consistently, people with serious diseases, mentally incapacitated by a severe type of disorder or reject signing the informed consent.

3. On arrival we will always carry out a preliminary interview with participants in order to inform them about the prerequisites for participating in a session and detect if there is any cause which prevents them from participating.

4. Inform our patients of the possible effects and duration of the session and the composition of the substance to be taken. Our ayahuasca is composed solely of B.caapi and P. viridis, commonly known as ayahuasca and chacruna. In our center no other plants are added to the medicine.

5. During the patients’ stay in our center, personal interviews are conducted regularly with Pius Vucetich to monitor the process of the patients.

6. The dose to be administered ayahuasca for each person is the precise amount needed to carry out the work on the inside effectively and powerfulyl but safely.

7. We strive to maintain an optimal level of human quality at all times, before, during and after the sessions.

8. The person conducting our ceremonies, Pio Vucetich has been prepared for over 25 years with Shipibo and Lamista indigenous teachers and has the approval and recognition of their lineages to work with ayahuasca and other plant diets. Pio Vucetich is also a psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience working with patients in his private practice. Also the people who collaborate with Pio have the necessary training to help him and to care for the patients who require it.

9. Our ceremonies are conducted honestly and ethically, and are oriented exclusively to the development of the people attending the session, their environment and for the good of humanity. Abstaining absolutely from voluntarily causing any harm to anyone:

a) Respecting the integrity sexual, physical and emotional development of participants.

b) Not trying to wheedle money or influence during the session

c) Keeping  all personal information of the participants confidential

 10. In our center we frequently receive women traveling alone. It is one of the highest priorities of women and men who manage this center to offer our female patients a safe and respectful space for her interior work.

 a) In our sessions there will always be a woman who can attend and accompany patients.

b) We are committed to seeing that the staff working in our center observe a strict respect for the women who visit us.

c) We seek to cooperate and assist participants in the effort to make their journey and arrival at the center are as safe as possible.

Our Ethical Code is based on Plantaforma Ethical Code.

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