Our project

Sacha Q’ente is the project founded by Pio Vucetich for nature conservation and the creation of a pioneering center where Traditional Amazonic Medicine Therapies are conducted, and also for research and training.

We are located in a 500 hectare estate, of which have already acquired around 250 ha, situated on the edge of Manu National Park, in the Peruvian Amazon. This property has been seriously deforested but still retains some of the indigenous forest that we will now protect and reforest.

la casita 2

The project is named after the jungle hummingbird in Quechua: Sacha Q’ente. It´s appearance in the Peruvian Amazon is considered an exceptional sign as it represents wisdom and good luck.

Our project consists of two parts:

– The Medicinal project involves the creation of a Traditional Andean-Amazon Medicine center where retreats can be made for personal development and also treatment for addictions, as well as research and training.

-This Environmental project has the goal to preserve the sample of native forest remaining on the farm and to replant what has been logged.

Part of the environmental and clinic project focuses primarily on the conservation and propagation of medicinal plants, especially Amazonic ones as some of them are already endangered.

Mission and Vision:

Sacha Q’ente has been born to build a center for Traditional Andean-Amazon Medicine where we offer comprehensive care for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. And where one can recover, develop, re-value and disseminate knowledge and ancestral wisdom from the Andean and Amazonian medicinal traditions.

It is also part of our mission to contribute to the reforestation of this small part of the Peruvian Amazonia jungle  affected by uncontrolled logging and which acts as the buffer zone for  the Manu National Park, with special emphasis on the propagation and conservation of native species and medicinal plants and crops that are compatible with jungle forest.

Our aim is for the project to become economically and environmentally sustainable through the Amazonian Traditional Medicine center´s activities, medicinal plant crops, bio-construction  crops,  livestock for consumption, and use of renewable energy .. .

It is also the project´s objective to contribute to the welfare of our community neighbors through the following initiatives:

– The medical center will have a quota of places to meet area patients that need our service and do not have the resources to pay for their treatments.

– We are investigating the cultivation crops that are compatible with native forest to serve as a viable and cost effective alternative to replace current production models that are often harmful to the Amazon ecosystem.


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